hello world

Written by David Metcalf

Published on: 2024-04-14

Getting started.

My first attempt at writing for the web, outside of the context of social media, was a flop.

A few years ago, early in my path as a software developer, I started writing small explainers for DEV.to — a blogging site built on Forem. I was excited to share what I was learning, and I was eager to get feedback from the community. Ultimately though, my heart just wasn’t in it. And I have a strange relationship with social media, so I abandoned the project.

Writing for me has always been about relating something personal, even if that thing is uncomfortable or reveals the possibly weird inner workings of my mind. The web dev community is full of people writing how-to’s, many of whom add tremendous value to the space. That is not what I intend to do here.

I don’t know what this will be called, how frequently I will publish, or even if I will support this effort with the usual channels of email and social presence. I just need to get some ideas out of my head and onto the digital page.

Ready? Good, me neither.